How to wear jewellery the minimalist way

Minimalism isn’t exactly the new kid on the block, it’s been a popular trend for years. However, more are shifting to an uncluttered way of living — and our jewellery choices are following suit.

A type of ‘barely there’ jewellery. Minimalist pieces are delicate and unfussy and subtly enhance an outfit. Loved by those with a clean fashion sense, as well as fans of bold, colourful patterns, minimalism is also perfect for people who don’t wear many accessories.

No one can get this look wrong — it’s pretty much impossible thanks to the uncomplicated styles. Every capsule wardrobe should include a mix of minimal, easy-to-wear, everyday pieces. But, to look and feel good, you don’t necessarily need a statement necklace or coloured earrings — less is more, which is why we love minimalist jewellery.

The best part is you can wear many minimal items at the same time. Simplistic rings, bracelets, earrings and even necklaces can be layered and stacked!

This blog post will look at some of the different minimalist styles you can wear all year round.

Basic hoops

A girl can never go wrong with basic hoops. They are chic, fine and classic. The best minimalist earrings are ones that don’t necessarily stand out in an outfit but help tie it all together. Whether you’re working in the office, attending your best friend’s hen do or meeting someone for coffee, basic hoops are it!

With so many sizes and thicknesses to pick from, the basic hoop is versatile. Remember that minimalist doesn’t mean small — these XL Radiant 14K Gold Hoop Earrings are a fabulous accessory for your beach getaway. They’re simple, stylish and suit any outfit, like a casual ensemble for running errands or a ‘nice top’ and jeans for a night out. Gold hoops also look great when paired with a basic white tee and sleek tailored trousers.

We love the cornered hoop style too. Our Small Cornered 14K Gold Hoop Earrings are also suitable for any style of clothing. The thickness stands out — almost begging for attention yet still withstanding the minimalist appeal. 

For those who prefer to wear silver jewellery, our sophisticated Pia Hoop Earrings are for you — gorgeous and minimal! While all styles of hoops have a minimalist look, they still welcome some serious compliments. Your girlfriends will love this silver pair!

Single chain necklaces

Considered the staple of minimalist jewellery, a simple chain necklace, whether that’s with a pendant or without, is classic and clean. You can wear this to almost any event — a friend’s BBQ, to the local shops and to a glamorous evening party. 

The best part about minimalist necklaces is their versatility. Modest pieces can be worn with any outfit, adding extra style without going overboard.

Our light 14K Gold Bead Necklace is simple yet evocative; the must-have minimalist piece. You can buy this in rose gold and multi-colour gold too if you fancy a different shade of metal. This necklace looks graceful when worn with a low-cut t-shirt or blouse, and won’t distract from the main details of your outfit. Simple gold designs with little embellishments never go out of fashion!

We also adore this striking Sempre Necklace. It’s perfect for everyday wear, with its straightforward design featuring a small round and a large circle pendant. You might not consider pendants to be minimalist but small ones still fit the style. This necklace adds interest to your outfit and can be layered with other chains without deviating from the trend.

Chokers are another option. Designs can be simple without excessive beading and jewels. Our Mila Choker 18K Gold Choker boasts a single chain with small shaped designs that will give your outfit a bit of oomph! It can also be layered with other similar gold chains for a fuller minimalist appearance.

Simple metal rings

We believe rings are the best type of jewellery for everyday wear. Minimalist rings, especially as these can be worn on any finger (versatile!) and swapped and stacked as you please without contrasting designs.

Our Cross World Moon 14K Gold Diamond Ring is beautiful and understated. Featuring a solid yellow gold band with a stunning overlapped design, this ring suits the minimalist vibe. The small moon detailing is cute and creates character, perfect for brightening up an everyday outfit.

You can choose any type of metal for your minimalist ring — it doesn’t matter which! Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or silver, there are no limitations as long as the band is simple, and the design is minimal. This Circular Diamond 14K Gold Ring is a great choice. It can be stacked with other similar styles for the ultimate minimalist look! Such designs also complement and emphasise other rings you might wear daily, like your engagement ring or wedding band.

Opt for styles with a simple band and basic shape — hearts, circles and ovals are the best for achieving minimalist status. Browse our stackable everyday rings for more inspiration.

Natural gems

As a general minimalistic rule, the trend embraces natural gems. These will be the lightest touch you need to complement your outfit and appearance. Not only are these elegant, but a small pair of pearl earrings, for example, can amplify a basic minimal look. So, even if you’re popping to the local shop in skinny jeans and a jumper, you’ll appear effortlessly put together. 

Gold earrings with pearls, such as our Lea Pearl Earrings are ideal for everyday wear. Classy, timeless and minimal, get these for a subtle glam addition to your wardrobe. We're also big fans of the Olivia Mother of Pearl 14K Gold Earrings. When paired with a low-key outfit of neutral colours and very little detail, these earrings should be in every woman’s jewellery box.

Nothing sparkles more than a stunning natural gemstone. These Chloe Shimmering Diamond Studs, while bright, are distinctly minimalist. The design isn’t overdone or hiding anything. What you get is what you see — a subtle pair of earrings that glam up any old outfit you quickly throw on in the morning.

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