How to wear layered necklaces

From chunky chains and delicate charms, to statement pieces and sentimental gifts, we love every type of necklace. One hot trend we’re especially loving at the moment is layered necklaces. It’s not a new trend, but this accessory look is all over Instagram: the fashionistas love it!

We believe there’s no such thing as too much jewellery, which is why layered necklaces are such a dream. Whether you’re looking to brighten up a plain white tee or a sleek evening dress, this is the solution. While you might think that you need to buy a layered necklace set, this isn’t necessary. With a little bit of style guidance and a do-it-yourself mindset, you can create your own layered necklace arrangement. It’s an art that needs mastering, so here’s a few things to consider when choosing chains to layer.

Play with different lengths

One way of making sure your layered necklaces stand out is to opt for chains of varying lengths to add depth and interest to your whole outfit. Length is extremely important here; if the necklaces are the same length it’s likely the chains will tangle and you’ll be constantly rearranging them all day — annoying!

This standout Sapphire Eye 14K Gold necklace is perfect for a layered look as it features three links at the back that allow you to adjust the length. Let’s not ignore how beautifully minimal it is either. We recommend pairing this with a matching 14K Gold Bead Necklace. You could also add another chain to this combination; a thin style with a subtle charm would complete the look, such as our eye-catching Heart Evil Eye Diamond necklace.

The neckline of your outfit also plays a part. For deep V-neck blouses or dresses, long necklaces are the way to go. Shorter chains, on the other hand, suit clothing with a high-neck.

Consider mixing metals

While many may think you must stick to one type of metal in your jewellery collection, this is not gospel. Combining gold and silver isn’t a mistake, in fact, it creates a gorgeous contemporary look. When paired together, the contrasting tones match beautifully.

This means you can wear your favourite gold and silver pieces at the same time! If you’re planning to wear three necklaces, pick a statement piece to set the foundation of your layered look. A few electrifying examples are our Cross 18K White Gold diamond chain, Yolanda Gold necklace, and Fleur de Lis necklace. Then, choose any other pieces you love but in a contrasting metal (don’t forget to pair varying lengths together too). One of our favourite necklace combos is the delicate Alca Diamond chain, made from 18K white gold, and its golden sister, the 14K Gold Diamond Star Chain. While these are strikingly similar in style, together they look classy and effortlessly stylish.

Think texture

With so many different necklace styles available, there’s no excuse for combining chains that look exactly the same. Adding texture to the mix can really boost the appeal and complete your outfit! Pick out your daintest necklace with small links and pair it with a bold piece with larger links, like our chunky and exquisite Notte Necklace that features 18K gold vermeil on 925K silver.

If layering necklaces is new to you, we suggest a couple of delicate chokers, a slightly longer pendant, such as this gorgeous Mezzanotte Silver Necklace, and a thick chain.

Three is the perfect number

So, how many necklaces should you layer? Three carefully chosen chains is a great starting point. Remember that famous phrase: “Less is more”.  The look you create needs to tell people that you’re most definitely a stylish woman who has got their life together!

Three necklaces layered is an easy and effortless way of accessorising your adorable outfit. Odd numbers are perfect for variety and give you the chance to wear your favourite chain sandwiched in between others. The stunning pendant in our Lucy Onyx 14K Gold necklace will look glamorous in the middle of more simpler styles, for example. That said, you don’t need to stick with three. More or less can also look cute!

Our top tips for styling multiple necklaces

  • Choose your favourite necklace and go from there. Make your favourite chain the focal point and it’s sure to be a winner - you’ll feel your best too!
  • Try combining a choker with several longer chains as this is undeniably understated.
  • When layering three necklaces, the bottom and top chain should grab the most attention.
  • Wearing a monochrome outfit? Pick a layered necklace combo with a pop of colour!
  • If you wear loungewear often, don’t skip on accessories. Layered necklaces add an extra bit of style to your laid back ensemble.

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