Updates on our Events, Pop-ups and Giveaway Campaigns

Pop-up events that we are attending

As VK Jewellery London we believe in partnership and growing together; therefore, we have been working on collaborations with brands that have a similar brand ethos as us. This Spring and Summer season has been particularly eventful. As the weather was getting warmer we wanted to do more outdoor activities and participate in events. We had 3 pop-up shows across London in the most affluent neighbourhoods: Kensington, Marylebone and Belgravia. 

Our event in Marylebone was at the Bocan Couture Boutique. Bocan Couture is a luxury nightwear, homewear, homelinen brand designed by women for women offering handmade robes, nightgowns, pyjamas and dresses. Since they are also a family-owned business we immediately connected with them on a more profound level. We understand that expanding the family business, keeping the family heritage and continuing the expert artisanship is a very challenging task and it is fair to say that they are doing a phenomenal job. Besides the high quality that they produce we were captivated by the efforts they make to reduce their carbon footprint. By ‘made to measure’ operations they effectively optimise their waste management in becoming a more sustainable brand. 

Furthermore, we co-hosted an event at Le La London, an independent fashion boutique curated by specialists with over 20 years of experience in couture and prestige fashion. They provide exemplary customer service and an all year-round selection of stylish and chic womenswear and accessories, all situated at the heart of Kensington. Le La's distinct approach to high-end fashion, coupled with their selection of unique, global brands, made them an ideal collaboration partner for us. We saw a great number of attendees, and the two team’s enthusiasm and positive energy contributed to making this event a real success.

Most recently, we were at the Belgrave Square Dog Show in late June. We had a stall at this incredibly fun event where dogs were given awards from best dressed to the cutest puppy. We showcased our new collection pieces during the event which got a lot of excitement from the attendees. Our new pieces include stacking rings, colourful cocktail rings, dangle hoop earrings and diamond bangles. As a brand we always try to make your customer journey as joyful as possible by providing a personal service; with that said we were answering any questions regarding styles and types of jewellery tailored to you in terms of skin tone, dress style and occasion at the event. 

Brand that we are working together

Following the success of our pop-ups, we collaborated for a giveaway campaign this August with 5 brands: 

Juliemay Lingerie - is a small ethical, sustainable lingerie brand who makes intimates for women who suffer from skin allergies as well as supporting a growing community of women experiencing menopause while advocating destigmatisation. Building a space built on trust, community and giving, JulieMay are taking a leap in the intimate apparel industry for causes close to their heart and changing what it means to be a lingerie brand. You can use JULIEMAY for 10% first order.

Emily Stott - is a fashion stylist with many years of experience. She helps her clients find the most flattering styles, colours and shapes and create outfits to help them feel the best version of themselves every single day.

Hottea Mama, Sweet Bee Organics and WooWoo. This was in relation to a campaign for women’s menopause products in which all the brands contributed by donating one of their best selling items. Collaborating with exciting brands from various sectors allowed us to raise awareness on women’s health and related products. Jewellery is a form of self-care and what we wear represents us. For this reason, we are working diligently to curate exciting and unique jewellery pieces to empower all the women who wear our pieces. 

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you for everyone who participated at our events and for being part of our special journey. We are grateful for your presence and hope to see you at our next gathering. Thank you!

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