Choosing an engagement ring: Three elements to consider

Planning a romantic proposal and shopping for the perfect engagement ring is an exciting milestone, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all. And we completely understand. Love is a soft, powerful and crazy experience, and that moment when you decide your partner is your forever person is an important event.

The engagement ring will symbolise care, dedication and love, so it has to be the right design. We know it isn’t easy to pick the perfect one though, and with many aspects to consider it can quickly become overwhelming, which is why we’ve written this guide to help you choose an engagement ring.

1. The shape

Diamonds are the glitz and glam your partner dreams of, and there’s a variety of engagement ring shapes to pick from. This is the outline, or external figure, of the gem; knowing the basics will help you choose the perfect one.

Most choose a round (can be called brilliant) or square (also known as the princess cut) shape. Our Siena Diamond 18K Gold Ring is a classic example of a round shape. It’s timeless, traditional and simply beautiful. Meanwhile, square diamond engagement rings are suited to the modern bride.

There are other shapes, including pear, marquise, cushion and heart styles — these are fancier. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s worthwhile researching thoroughly to identify which style is the best for your loved one. Some factors to think about are your significant other’s style, budget, and whether the size is a priority (if so, you’ll want a shape that appears the largest).

2. The metal of the band

Another element to consider when choosing an engagement ring is the type of metal for the band. Traditionally, yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum are most commonly used. Rose gold is a newer favourite!

White gold is modern, offering high durability, 18k yellow gold is the purest form used in jewellery, and rose gold is durable, unique, and incredibly trendy. Other metal options are sterling silver, palladium, titanium, and stainless steel.

If the jewellery your partner wears features cooler hues and silver pieces, platinum or white gold is the best choice. These are durable and excellent for someone with an active lifestyle; your partner can wear their engagement ring daily without worrying too much about scratches or damage. 

This Chloe Emerald 18K White Gold Ring is a match made in heaven for someone with fair skin and red hair tones. Rose or yellow metal bands are ideal if they wear warmer tones or have a dark skin tone. From our Fine Rings Collection, the Sima Diamond 18K Gold Ring boasts a simple rose gold band that magnifies the beauty of the brilliant cut diamonds in the centre. You can also mix metals.

Yellow gold is preferable for those with sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic — it’s essential to know if your partner has any sensitivities or allergies before buying. Rose gold, for example, contains copper and some may have a tolerance.

3. The setting

The setting is an element to be thought about. This refers to how secure the diamond is in the band. It affects the overall appearance and aesthetic, and protects the ring — the most important thing! However, ring settings are not one-size-fits-all, and picking the perfect one ultimately depends on the centre stone. The most common setting has four prongs that hold the diamond in place — you may consider more prongs if the stone is larger or a fancy shape. 

The solitaire setting shows off one diamond. Our Nora Baguette 18K Gold Diamond Ring is the perfect example, with smaller stones surrounding it for a dazzling sparkle. We suggest a halo setting if you want the centre gem to appear larger, like the radiant stone in our Eleanor Sapphire 18K Gold Ring. Surrounded by little diamonds, these amplify the colour and size of the gem. A sapphire engagement ring is about as glamorous as it gets!

The pavé setting makes a the band look like it’s paved with gemstones. Our Heather London Topaz 14K Gold Ring showcases this style; the stones line the most visible part of the piece when worn. Paired with the large London Topaz, this is an extravagant ring your SO will want to show her friends (and post on all her socials!).

Your partner’s lifestyle will also factor into your decision. If they are very active or work with their hands often, a lower setting, such as a bezel, is a good choice as the stone is less likely to loosen or fall out.

Picking an engagement ring for the person you adore is a challenge, but we hope we’ve been able to ease your worries with a little guidance and inspiration.

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