Galentine’s Day: Gorgeous Gift Ideas For Your Best Friends

February is the month of love but forget all about Valentine’s Day. We’re in love with the idea of Galentine’s Day. An unofficial holiday created by a fictional character in the sitcom ‘Parks And Recreation’, Galentine’s is a trendy take on the 14th of February. It’s a day made for platonic relationships, rather than romantic ones.

Falling the day before V-Day, Galentine’s is a day to soak up the friendships you treasure and adore. Even if you are coupled up this year with special plans with your significant other, you can still celebrate your non-romantic relationships. Your friendships are just as important to nurture as your romantic partnerships. With that in mind, a small gift can be the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the pals that stick by you, no matter what. 

Here we’ve got some of the prettiest Galentine’s Day gift ideas for you—specially selected from our collections by our team.

Modern Friendship Bracelets

Remember when you used to make handmade friendship bracelets for your best friends at school? The 90s were popular for bold beaded bracelets and multi-coloured strands of thread beautifully plaited together. A token of friendship, these designs might not look the part with your work attire as an adult. Fortunately, at VK Jewellery, we’ve taken a modern approach to friendship bracelets.

The Isadora Bracelet combines a cotton wristband with a thin silver chain and lock. This design is available in a few colours, including Purple and Blue. Subtle and sweet, the Isadora Bracelet is a cute symbol of friendship—especially if you buy one for yourself and another for your best friend.

A slightly different token of appreciation is our Shimmering Hand Bracelet. Effortlessly chic, unique and charming, hand bracelets which wrap around one of your fingers are a modern jewellery trend we adore. Made of Sterling Silver and featuring Zircon stones, there’s no doubt whoever you buy this for, they’ll love how unusual and quirky the design is.

Something Subtle

While Valentine’s Day is often about grand displays of romance, there is no pressure on Galentine’s Day. It’s a celebration of your friendships, bringing all your pals together however you wish. Whether that’s a Galentine’s-themed party, a bottomless brunch, or a movie night at home in your cosy loungewear. 

Our more subtle jewellery designs are perfect for gifting your best girlfriends. Subtle is still special! This Sempre Ear Cuff from our Midsummer Night’s Collection is a lovely example. Affordable, classic, and great for stacking, it’s an adorable accessory. It also comes in Silver, so you can ensure your Galentine’s Day gifts to your gals suit their skin tone!

Sassy Silver

Looking for a Galentine’s Day gift that is both sophisticated and stylish? We’ve got your back. Our Pia Hoop Earrings are a quintessential pair for every woman’s collection. You simply cannot go wrong with a pair of hoops. Made of silver, these chunky hoops are alluring! 

Show your best friend how much you love them with these Milly Pearl Earrings. Featuring 925K Silver and Cabochon Pearls, the earrings are stunning. Since pearls are associated with good luck and protection, this pair is a lovely, thoughtful idea.

If your friend prefers silver to gold metals, we have the same design with silver details. The Milly Pearl Silver Earrings are soft, iridescent, and lustrous. 

Happy Galentine’s Day! We hope you’ve found the most gorgeous piece of jewellery to treat your closest pals. You can browse more of our luxury collections or get in touch for something more personalised if you wish.

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