VK Jewellery London Sustainability Initiative

Our planet is a precious landscape that must be protected at all costs. Everyday our lifestyle choices play a significant part in environmental damage, and as awareness of sustainability continues to be raised, we all have a responsibility to help reduce any negative impact to the world.

At VK, not only do we love to provide our customers with vibrant collections, we are also passionate about the environment and dedicating ourselves to supporting the sustainable jewellery industry.

Partners with Just One Tree



We have partnered with JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere and reversing biodiversity loss through global reforestation. They plant trees in areas that have been severely impacted by deforestation to help reduce the devastating effects of climate change. This process also involves agricultural education and sustainable incomes to local communities.

That isn’t all though! JUST ONE Tree concentrates on restoring the entire ecosystem by planting on land and in oceans, while also focusing on shaping future generations to be planet-conscious thinkers through continuous environmental education in classrooms. In schools across the world, children get involved with JUST ONE Tree Day; a fundraiser and opportunity to raise awareness for the issues the planet faces.

Our work with the charity has enabled us to plant 161 trees so far — and that’s just the start! This means we’ve helped remove approximately 49.59 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Our aim at VK Jewellery is to continue supporting the environment and these excellent initiatives.

Sustainability: Our work at VK Jewellery

Alongside promising partnerships with charities, our own efforts as a business are increasing. We are being stocked at Wolf & Badger who not only are an award-winning multi-channel retailer but also pride themselves on onboarding sustainable and conscious brands. The business is leading the way by ensuring a fair and transparent supply chain, making sure processes are as ethical as possible. They also opt to stock jewellery collections that are either locally produced in small production runs, by artisans or the designers themselves. 

At VK, we’re excited for our gold and silver pieces to be showcased to a community of ethical brands and conscious consumers who positively impact the world together!

The future of eco-friendly jewellery

As we start on our own sustainability journey, there’s lots more to come! From recycled gold and eco-friendly jewellery packaging, the future of sustainable jewellery is fruitful.

Look out for further collaborations and partnerships, as well as more in-depth content about the industry to help you make more conscious decisions when shopping.

You can read more about the story of VK Jewellery here and contact us if you have any questions about our jewellery!