Our Favourite Everyday Bracelet Styles

Bracelets are timeless pieces of jewellery; they are easy to wear and require minimal effort. With a variety of styles, metals, and thicknesses to choose from, there’s definitely a design that will suit you. Charms are often attached to bracelets to personalise the jewellery, making it a unique piece for the wearer. You can even wear multiple bracelets at the same time if styled right.

We all know that your choice of jewellery speaks volumes about your personality and your style preferences. Your jewellery box is yours, and yours only. But the right bracelet can make or break your outfit. To help inspire your next jewellery purchase, here are our favourite everyday bracelet styles.

  • Bangles

We’re starting with a bold statement piece to kick off our favourite bracelet styles. This Rose Diamond 18K Gold Bangle is the definition of sophistication and grace. It’s an everyday bracelet for those that love the glam look. Featuring a gorgeous row of 0.74 carat Brilliant Cut Diamonds on a rose gold bangle, it’s unique. It’s also astonishing enough to wear as your only accessory!

In a similar style of solid white gold, our Anna Diamond 18K Gold Bangle is a subtle yet glamorous design. Its thin, sleek band is perfect for everyday wear.

  • Hand Chains

This style of jewellery is relatively new on the scene. Hand chains are delicate bracelets which wrap around your wrist and then around your fingers. Some designs wrap around the wrist several times before being twisted around your middle finger. 

Our designs at VK Jewellery connect the wrist chain to your finger with different pendants for a modern vibe. This Fancy Hand Bracelet features a thin chain with four glistening star-shaped zircon stones. All of our hand bracelets are dainty and cute, with a variety of designs in the collection for everyone. 

Another design we love is this Lightning Hand Bracelet, which features a striking lighting bolt on a graceful slinky chain. Both differ from the types of bracelets you might consider for everyday wear, which is why hand bracelets are one of our favourites. All your girlfriends will ask where you got them from!

  • Chains

Silver chain bracelets might be the most straightforward piece of jewellery to style. Every design we love is effortlessly chic, like our Diamond Drop 18K Gold Bracelet. The dainty gold bracelet features small silver charms with diamonds embedded. It’s minimalist, easy on the eye, and a chain you can wear daily. 

Our next favourite chain features small beehive-shaped charms that stand out on this rose gold bracelet. The Diamond Bee Hive 14K Gold Bracelet is a fun design with its subtle appreciation of bumble bees and their hives. Let’s not forget the hexagon charms house several Brilliant Cut Diamonds for extra sparkle.

  • Beaded

Beaded bracelets are quite similar to chain bracelets. This 14K Gold Bead Bracelet is an everyday favourite for us. Not only is it made of solid yellow gold which lasts a lifetime, but it’s also timeless and a staple for your jewellery box. The length of the chain is adjustable from the lock, so it will fit everyone. 

We especially adore this bracelet style when worn with the same design in different metals. At VK Jewellery, this design can be bought in rose gold and multi-coloured gold—upon request—, meaning you can layer these gorgeous bead bracelet styles.

And finally, our Diamond Rose Bead 18K Gold Bracelet is intricately and uniquely detailed, featuring solid white gold and 18 sparkling diamonds. This is an easy-to-wear piece, perfect for office days, shopping trips, and date nights.

We hope one of our beautifully crafted bracelets has caught your eye, whether you’re a frequent bracelet wearer or completely new to the accessory.

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