Silver vs Gold Jewellery: Which suits your skin tone the best?

Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings; the jewellery you wear is a very personal choice. There’s plenty of features to consider, including the type, style, personalisation and even the colour of the metal.

No matter which charming piece you buy for your jewellery collection, it’s likely you’ve chosen between gold and silver. Whether that’s a stylish gold chain necklace with an asymmetrical stone like this Apricus Necklace from our Midsummer Night's Collection, or a pair of elegant silver Amorce Earrings to add a touch of glamour to an evening gown, it tends to be down to preference. Maybe you think a specific metal colour suits you better than another — there’s a reason for that! Your skin tone actually plays a significant role in how a piece of jewellery looks on you.

Yes, choosing a necklace or ring you’re drawn to is important, but don’t make it the deciding factor. Pick a product that complements your skin and brightens your appearance! If you’re not sure whether silver or gold jewellery is better suited to you, discover how to identify your skin undertone and what to pair with it here.

Choosing the right metal for your skin tone

Glassed box podiums displaying the most beautiful pieces of jewellery, bright open spaces and a luxury feel; a visit to a jeweller is something special. We have a store located in Kensington, London (one of the city’s most central and luxurious neighbourhoods) that is an absolute delight to browse!

What you might not know about shopping for a new necklace or ring, for example,  is that there are some ‘rules’ to follow. There’s much debate surrounding silver and gold jewellery. Traditionally, the colour of metal was determined by the person’s skin colouring,  and while you can break the rules, knowing whether silver or gold suits you best will provide a base point for extending your jewellery collection.

As jewellery tends to rest against your skin, the contrast between the item and your skin tone will be noticeable. If you think your necklace flatters you, it’s because of your skin undertones. These fall into three categories: cool, warm and neutral.

Cool skin tone

If you have skin that is fair with undertones of pink or blue, your skin is cool toned — light or white metals such as platinum, white gold and silver are a perfect match. These tend to pair well with vibrant stones in pink, purple, deep reds and blues. 

Our strikingly bold Notte Necklace, for example, is a unique 925K silver plated rhodium chain that can also be used as a stacking bracelet when adjusted at the lock. Worn on cool-toned skin, this would match elegantly with our Ruby Flower 18K Gold Ring that boasts white gold and a 0.40 carat ruby gemstone. 

Warm skin tones

Now if you have fair or medium skin with yellow undertones, or dark or deep skin with peachy, golden undertones, it’s likely you have a warm skin tone for jewellery. Yellow and rose gold, copper or brass pieces are best, allowing your body to radiate its natural glow. Gold jewellery in particular, especially close to your face will make your skin stand out.

Take a look at our Small Cornered 14K Gold Hoop Earrings, a subtle accessory for everyday wear. If you’d rather something more eye-catching, our Four Leaf Clover Helical 14K Gold Ring offers a gorgeous luminous glow.

Neutral skin tones

You get the best of both worlds if you have a neutral skin shade as you can wear both silver or gold! With a mix of cool and warm undertones, jewellery in bright white, navy and grey suit your skin beautifully. 

Not only is our Larissa Sapphire Ring jaw-droppingly stunning, it’s perfect for neutral undertones and can really add that extra alluring touch to a date night outfit. Got your best friend’s wedding coming up? This Barbara Gold Ring must be shown off! Featuring 14K solid white gold and a vivid green synthetic stone, it’s a sensational piece.

How to determine your skin tone

If you’re unsure what skin tone you have, there are a few tests to take and features to analyse. You can also look at a jewellery skin tone chart!

The vein test

Shine a light over the veins in your wrist. If they look blue or purple, you have a cool undertone; if they appear yellow or green, your skin has warm tones. If you can’t see any visible veins, your skin is more neutral.

White paper test

If the vein test doesn’t work for you, take a white piece of paper and hold it up against your neck or chest (not your face) and compare your skin to the paper. If it looks pinkish, you have cool undertones. Yellow indicates warm undertones, and if you still can’t tell, it’s safe to assume your skin is neutral toned.

Your hair colour

The colour of your natural hair can also help you figure out your jewellery skin tone. People with icy blond or light brown hair tend to have a cool skin undertone, while those with dark brown, black or caramel blond shades are likely to have warm undertones. If you have red hair, it’s possible you have any of the skin undertones so you might need to do some more testing to find out!

Your eye colour

Similarly to your hair colour, the colour of your eyes can also determine what jewellery suits you best. Brown eyes suggest warm undertones, which gold will complement perfectly. If you have blue or green eyes, these cooler shades naturally pair well with silver items, such as this minimal Amorce Ring in 925K silver.

The clothes you wear

This one is a little harder to pin down unless you have a very distinct sense of style and your wardrobe consists of a specific set of colours. That said, on a day-to-day basis knowing which colours pair with different metals may help you put together an outfit better. If your clothing features a lot of red, yellow, brown and beige, it’s likely you have warm undertones. If you’re drawn to cooler shades like blue, purple and pink, silver jewellery is ideal for you.

How easily you tan

Another indicator of your skin undertone is how well you tan when out in the sun. If you find yourself beautifully bronzed after a day at the beach, you have warm undertones, which means you’re better suited to gold jewellery, like our Serena Diamond 14K Gold Ring. But if you’re someone who returns home lobster-red, your skin has cool tones.

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