Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide 2022

The most wonderful time of year is nearly upon us, and many of us are already planning what to buy our loved ones. As the nights get darker and evenings chillier, there’s something so special about the festive season.

Christmas 2022 is set to be a year for meaningful gifts. In light of the current economy in the UK, many are opting for a laid-back, casual Christmas. Now, we believe that good things come in small packages, and jewellery is the perfect gift idea to honour that.

Jewellery for Christmas can be a very thoughtful present when chosen carefully. Sparkling, glamorous, and beautiful, a piece of jewellery is a forever kind of gift—one the wearer can treasure for years to come.

But we know it’s not always easy to pick a piece of jewellery for someone else. Most often, jewellery is a very personal choice. With so many design options, it can be a long shopping day trying to find the perfect present. Here we’ve put together a Christmas gift guide with a few of our new pieces to help you find the gift you’ve been looking for.

Shine bright like a diamond with a pair of earrings

You can’t go wrong with a pair of stunning earrings at Christmas. With lots of festive events and dinner parties during the season, there are many opportunities to show off a new piece of jewellery. 

Keeping the theme of Christmas in mind, pieces with deep, dark-coloured gemstones are a flawless seasonal choice. These Adaline 18K White Gold Ruby Earrings ooze glamour and sophistication, perfect for a winter-themed ball or black-tie event. This pair features the truly magical ruby, showing off the deep shade in all its glory.

A trend that seems to have made its mark on the jewellery industry, rose gold is still a popular metal choice. These gorgeous Violet Rose Gold Clover Earrings are a great choice for the modern fashionista in your life—maybe your best friend or sister? With exceptional attention to detail and dozens of sparkling diamonds, the pair have a Christmas touch.

Or for a little more festive-themed fun, a pair of Esme 18K Rose Gold Star Earrings offer a subtle dash of style for those that don’t wear too much jewellery on a day-to-day basis. These earrings are sure to sparkle beneath the glittering lights. The best part? The design is incredibly versatile; stars aren’t just for Christmas.

A Christmas jewellery gift guide isn’t complete unless it features a statement piece. So, this is exactly what we have to share with you. These glamorous Lottie 14K Rose Gold Earrings take on a sleek, elongated bauble look, making them an on-theme gift for your loved one. Made with rose gold and featuring a unique shape that’s intricately detailed with diamonds, these earrings are the showstopper.

Keep it trendy with rose gold

We love the idea of one thoughtful gift, instead of several little ones. When buying a piece of jewellery for someone, this is a much more special present idea. It’s a gift that counts.

This dazzling Matilda 18K Rose Gold Necklace is a favourite. With a cluster of diamonds set against a dark background, the pendant design makes the gems stand out. Worn with a lovely low-neck dress or blouse, this necklace with its rose gold chain will catch everyone’s eye at dinner. 

Opt for a classy white gold ring

Silver is a classic festive colour. Think baubles, glitter and sequins! Why not stick to the Christmas colour palette with some white gold jewellery ideas? 

These designs are perfect for your partner—the woman you adore. Our 18K White Gold Shimmer Star Ring is simple yet elegant. We love this one for its sparkle and charm. It’s one of those timeless pieces; its clean design will never go out of style.

Another striking silver piece for your loved one’s jewellery collection. This 18K White Gold Crown Ring is uniquely shaped and is even crown-like in shape. It features a beautiful silver band of small glistening diamonds with one statement gem set in the centre for everyone to see. This design is a little more glamorous than our previous gift ideas, but it would be perfect for that special someone in your life this Christmas.

Last on our Christmas jewellery gift guide is another silver band (you guessed it). Sticking with the festive sparkle, our 18K White Gold Radiant Ring is extravagant, detailed and graceful. Designed in a split ring shank, the ring appears to have two bands joined together, but that’s an illusion created through exquisite craftsmanship.

We hope one of our gorgeous pieces has caught your eye in this Christmas gift guide, or at the very least, given you some inspiration to find the right Christmas jewellery gifts for your loved ones.

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