Best Friend Gifts For Christmas

We all have that one special best friend we adore and cherish more than any other friend. Buying a Christmas gift for your best friend is one of the most fun to buy. There’s absolutely no reason not to spoil them rotten. They’re your sidekick for a reason, so why not show them how much you care this festive season?

Best friends are there through thick and thin. You may bicker and argue over silly things, but also laugh your hardest with them. You wouldn’t change them for the world.

So, it only seems right that they deserve the best Christmas gift ever, right? We believe jewellery is one of the most thoughtful presents you can give anyone. Here we’ve got a few best friend gift ideas for you to help you find the perfect token of appreciation for them.

For the best friend who loves a pop of colour

There’s always one friend who absolutely loves colour and works it into every outfit without question. If that sounds like your best friend, a piece of jewellery with a soft pop of colour is a great idea. We love this Rina Malachite 14K Gold Ring with its deep forest green gemstone and beautifully beaded band.

Keeping with the malachite gemstone theme, these Olivia Malachite Gold Earrings are a glamorous statement for your bestest friend. Made with 14K solid gold, they are sure to catch everyone’s eye at the dinner table. The pair also subtly resemble Christmas trees without being over-the-top festive, which we adore!

If your best pal loves to wear necklaces, this Olivia Turquoise 14K Gold Necklace is an eye-catcher, thanks to the luscious turquoise gemstone which is uniquely shaped. This is another accessory that adds a refreshing dash of colour to any outfit.

For the minimalist in your life

Many wear their favourite staple pieces of jewellery every day, and a lot of the time these are minimalist. It’s a ‘barely there’ type of jewellery that still offers the wearer a dash of style with every outfit.

Some minimalist jewellery might be the ideal Christmas gifts for your best friend if they have a few upcoming festive parties. A simple jewellery item is sometimes all you need when paired with a glamorous dress or going-out outfit.

Stacking rings are our favourite minimalist accessory. These can be elegantly stacked without going over the top. Our Gold Sempre Ring has a gorgeous minimalist curved design, featuring 18K Gold Vermeil on 925K silver. This can make a bold statement alongside other stacking rings from our collection, including this Rina Mother of Pearl 14K Gold Ring or this modest Circular Diamond 14K Gold Ring. The best part about stacking minimalist rings is that there’s so much choice, so you can tailor your gift to your best friend’s jewellery preferences.

The bigger the hoop…

You can’t go wrong with a pair of gold hoops. In any size and thickness, every girl and woman owns at least one pair of hoops, if not more. What we love most about classic hoops is that they’re always on-trend and fashionable. It’s almost the easiest gift to pick.

To give you some options for your best friend’s Christmas present this year, our collection features hoops of all sizes and thicknesses. We’ve picked a few out for you. Starting small, these Small Cornered 14K Gold Hoop Earrings are a gorgeous pair with versatility. They can be worn with a basic everyday outfit and with a going-out outfit for when day transforms into night.

Our Medium Radiant 14K Gold Hoop Earrings are an accessory that can complete any outfit with ease. These are, as the name suggests, radiant, made with 14K solid yellow gold, and stylish—the pair will even look chic with a hoodie…

Now, for those that love the biggest hoops possible, our XL 14K Gold Swirl Hoop Earrings fit the bill. These aren’t for everyone due to their size, but they do give off a sophisticated vibe when worn with a smart pant suit or blouse. We’re sure this pair of sleek gold hoops will delight your best friend on Christmas day!

We hope you’ve found a sparkling gift for your best friend! Or if you haven’t, you now feel inspired by the jewellery you’ve seen.

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