A Guide To Choosing Your Bridal Jewellery

Planning a wedding is an exciting time of fun, stress and joy. You and your significant other get to choose your dream venue, exchange loving vows and then jet off to somewhere special after saying ‘I do.’

But we know that organising an event as special as this is no walk in the park. There’s so much to consider and arrange for the big day. One of the most anticipated elements of wedding planning, though, is picking the perfect dress. Many women have an image of what their dream gown will look like for their wedding day, and many think about it for years!

Once you’ve said yes to the dress, you choose your jewellery, of course! The dress might be stunning enough on its own, but everyone knows it’s the jewellery that truly completes an outfit. So, to help spark some inspiration for your Pinterest boards, we’ve got a guide on choosing your bridal jewellery.

Remember your sentimental pieces

If an heirloom piece has been handed down to you, ensure it helps to build the foundations of your wedding jewellery. Whether it’s your grandmother’s vintage engagement ring or a pair of diamond earrings from generations passed, this should be your first consideration when you’re choosing your bridal jewellery.

You can even take these along to your wedding dress appointments if you haven’t yet picked the gown. This way you can make sure the heirlooms can be incorporated. You’ll also be adding ‘something borrowed’ on your wedding day to stick with traditions.

Complement your dress

All eyes are going to be on you when you walk down the aisle, so your wedding jewellery really needs to match the dress. Whether you pick a unique necklace, bracelet or pair of bridal earrings (or all three), the colour of these needs to stay on theme with your attire.

If your dream gown is ivory or champagne-toned rather than bright white, gold metal is the best decision. Gold bridal jewellery will bring together your outfit, enhance your glow and captivate every guest. A subtle, delicate piece like our Mezzanotte Necklace won’t distract too much from the glam of your gown but will add charm. Another cute gold bridal necklace we love is this 14K Gold Diamond Star Necklace. Again, it’s subtle but sometimes that’s all your wedding outfit needs.

Some of the unique pieces we’ve picked out are quite simple jewellery designs. Yes, they are all absolutely stunning, but for those brides wanting a pop of colour, our Cocktail Rings collection features many minimalist designs. You’ll find a variety of gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, and amethysts, offering a gentle touch of colour without distracting from the main attraction—your engagement and wedding rings.

For a bright white dress, platinum or silver jewellery will complement it best. We adore these silver Amorce Earrings. The twisted design will see you through your vows all the way to your evening celebrations in one elegant swish. You can also get a matching Amorce Ring!

Meanwhile, rose gold wedding jewellery is a match for soft pink or blush toned gowns. Our 14K Rose Gold Diamond Flower Necklace features miniature charms that will complement any low-neck wedding dress.

Match your skin tone

Not only should your bridal jewellery complement your wedding dress, but it’s also important for your jewellery to match your skin tone. It’s likely you always pick gold or silver—everyone has a preference. Your skin tone actually has an essential part to play when you pick a new piece. By choosing jewellery that beautifully complements your skin tone, your skin will appear brighter.

If you have cool-toned skin with undertones of pink or blue, designs made using light or white metals, such as white gold, platinum and silver, are perfect. For example, this alluring Diamond Drop 18K Gold Necklace or our show-stopping Rina Double Diamond Ring.

For brides with warm skin tones with either yellow or peachy, gold undertones, we recommend yellow gold or rose gold bridal jewellery as these metals will make your skin radiate. These Ottoman Diamond 18K Rose Gold Earrings are bolder than our other top picks, but they aren’t to be ignored. They have everything; glamour, beauty and sparkle!

Now, you have the best of both worlds if your skin is neutral-toned with a combination of cool and warm undertones. You can wear silver and gold. This sophisticated Sempre Ear Cuff or a visually striking pair of Olivia Onyx 14K Gold Earrings — luxury choices for your wedding accessories.

Match your necklace to your neckline

A key rule to follow if you’re planning to wear a necklace on your special day is that it matches the neckline of your dress. Picked a gown with a v-neck? A pendant is an ethereal option. This exquisite Lucy Onyx 14K Gold Necklace is made from yellow gold and features a dark burst of colour.

Wearing a glamorous strapless dress? Or one with a sweetheart necklace? Chokers and statement pieces are your perfect accessories. Our extravagant Caroline Blue Topaz Necklace will most definitely make a bold statement. With a strapless dress, you’ll want to draw a little more attention to your chest and neck area. You can do this subtly if you wish, but we absolutely love this impressive, eye-catching Chiara 14K Yellow Gold Necklace.

Less is more

A wedding can be quite glamorous, and while your wedding theme might demand more decor and accessories, less is more is often a correct statement to abide by. If you’ve chosen a sensational veil to wear on your big day, it’s a good idea to tone down the rest of your bridal accessories.

Having a focal point is key. It might be your trailing veil, a bold necklace or an elegant pair of diamond earrings. But all three might be an eyesore if not correctly matched together. A variety of bridal jewellery is definitely acceptable as long as some pieces are more subtle than others. Avoid leaving your jewellery decisions til the last minute as it’s easy to overdo it!

We hope after reading this guide you feel more at ease about choosing your bridal jewellery. If you’d like to browse our unique collections, don’t hesitate to visit us in London. Or if you have any jewellery-related questions, contact us today!

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