Different Types of Gemstones

A guide into Gemstones - simply why we love gemstone jewellery

Jewellery is shifting from a mere additional accessory into an essential desired element to any outfit. This is because of its undisputed power to elevate any outfit up. Not only that, but also pairing different types of jewellery with the same outfit can change the tone and energy of that outfit making it highly versatile. In this blog post, we want to talk about gemstone jewellery specifically and why we love them. 

Gemstones in jewellery design does not only make beautiful jewellery with rich colour and sparkle, it is much more than that. Each gemstone is unique and has a story. Each gemstone has its own associated symbolism, spiritual meaning, healing properties, and colour energy. This makes gemstones powerful and mystical. Wearing our contemporary jewellery pieces that encapsulate the natural gems within them will uplift your spirits, heal you and protect you. At this point you might ask yourself “What gemstone am I?” , we will cover it all since different gems will work with your distinct energies and moods helping you be in harmony, express yourself and bring a certain wanted energy out of you. Additionally, our gemstone jewellery makes the ideal jewellery gifts for when you are looking to buy a gift, a special one. This is because they fall under personalised gifts when categorised as birthstone jewellery resulting in the perfect gift idea for someone’s birthday according to their associated birthstone.

Below we will introduce you to our different gemstones that we incorporate in our bespoke jewellery and dive into their unique characteristics. 


Sapphire is one of the most precious gemstones besides emerald and ruby. It is known to be the Stone of Wisdom and is the birthstone for September. Sapphire is a member of the corundum family, which is a very hard mineral that produces stones in different colours and shades. These colours range from yellow, green, pink, purple, blue and red hues. All the colours produced by corundum are sapphire except for the red corundum, which is ruby. Sapphire in shades of blue is the most commonly known and desired sapphire. Royal blue velvety sapphire represents strength, wisdom, holiness, virtue and order. It has the power to align the spiritual, mental and physical elements within the body restoring balance and producing serenity. The blue colour energy will bring trust, faith and respect. We love including it into our jewellery as we believe the VK women is empowered, courageous, trustworthy and holds wise judgement. Our enchanting Eleanor Sapphire Ring makes the ideal 30th birthday gifts for the special women in your life, where she has been blossoming to hold all the allure and values of sapphire. 


Emerald is a scarce and exuberant stone. It is known to be the Stone of Successful Love and is the birthstone for May. Emerald comes in hues of distinctive green and is part of the beryl family and most precious form of it. Emerald is a symbol of creation, truth and love. It represents youth, renewal and growth, hope and future. Its lush green colour feels as if all the green of nature is concentrated into it. It has the power to bring great vision and ignite intuition as it is believed to open and nurture the heart. It's packed with soothing energy that heals and operates on all elements of being, leading to pure freshness and renewed vitality to the spirit. Its rich green colour energy embodies nature, unity, compassion, and unconditional love. We use it in our pieces as it perfectly aligns with VK women, she is a creator and creative, compassionate and a seeker of love and truth. Our Chloe Emerald Ring is the perfect new mom gift or mom to be gift, as the emeralds will provide her with calming and soothing effect and align with her nurturing, growth and unconditional nature and duties. 


Ruby is red, fiery, lustrous, and captivating. It is known as the Queen of Stones and is the birthstone for July. It is one of the scarcest stones and hardest (second to diamond). Ruby is the deep red variety of the corundum family. It symbolises passion, confidence and prosperity. It encourages joy, spontaneity and courage to pursue wealth and prosperity. The red colour energy will instil confidence and fearlessness in the heart, promote a clear mind, and empower the wearer. We carefully create our jewellery with rubies, because it perfectly embodies our passionate and confident VK women. Rubies have always been associated with love and passion, and in history, they were considered to be perfect wedding stones. This makes them the great engagement gifts and bride to be gifts. A magnificent ruby jewellery piece that will serve that, is our Kate Ruby 18K White Gold Diamond Necklace


The birthstone for February, amethyst is a quartz gemstone and comes in purple shades from intense violet to light lilac. It has been known as Nature’s Tranquilliser and has been famous in the spiritual world for its extraordinary healing power to the body, mind and emotions making it an all-healer. In essential jewellery, it stimulates humility, creativity and artistic nature. VK implemented amethyst in this Amelia Amethyst Ring to inspire you and unravel your artistic nature. 


The revitalising lemon to yellow and orange shades citrine stone belongs to the quartz gemstones family. Citrine is the birthstone for November. It is warm, energising and carries the energy of the sun. Citrine sparkly colours will add zest and a load of optimism to your daily. It will awaken your intellect and stimulate your brain. VK’s Nora Citrine 14K Gold Edge Ring will be there to give you doses of enthusiasm, happiness and success. 

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is a topaz stone with a medium to dark blue colour of grey hues. It is the birthstone for December. It is the Stone of Love and Loyalty. It is a jewel of joy, generosity, and good fortune. It encourages relaxation and releases tension. It promotes clear communication and brings love, truth and abundance. A blue topaz jewellery piece from VK will be perfect as a ‘thank you’ present or friendship gift. Check our London Topaz 14K Gold Bracelet

Pink Topaz

Pink, sweet and ultra-feminine, the pink topaz is the Stone of Love. Its gentle pink colour is loving and understanding. Pink Topaz will open your heart fully to receive and emit love. Nothing says romance better than this pink gemstone. Perhaps you can treat yourself to our Amelia Pink Topaz 14K Gold Ring because no love and care will compare to self-love and self-care.


Malachite is a rich vivid green gemstone and known as the Stone of Transformation. It is spiritually powerful. It represents the deep healing green of nature. It operates to heal on the physical and emotional elements of the body. This happens by drawing impurities and toxins out while reinforcing the force of life into the body and its aura. Its fresh earthy green colour will speak out the creation, renewal, nurturing and creativity of a female. We used beautiful malachite in our Olivia Malachite 14K Gold EarringsIt will make a perfect anniversary gift, wouldn’t it?


Onyx is one of the most ancient stones that was used for its powerful energy. It belongs to the quartz family and is a black and white banded form of chalcedony. It also comes in brown and white colours. Onyx is a strong protection stone. It takes negative energy in and transforms it into strength and resilience for the wearer. The black colour energy will relieve fears and stress and in still safety. Our Rina Onyx Gold rings selection will be perfect for every special woman to you. It will protect her, and she will draw on its strength and stamina as she wears it and whenever she looks at it – ideal as a 50th birthday gift. 

Mother of Pearl  

Mother of Pearl is an organic gemstone made from smooth iridescent material formed along the inner layer of some mollusc’s shells, such as oyster shells. It is the birthstone for June. Mother of pearl drifts the gentle healing power of the sea into you. It relieves stress, relaxes, soothes and calms. It stimulates sensitivity, intuition and imagination. Mother of pearl helps balancing and harmonising emotions. Its iridescent luminous colour promotes imagination and calmness like no other. The calming and soothing energy of mother of pearl makes this VK’s Olivia Mother of Pearl 14K Gold Necklace a perfect alternative semi-precious gemstone gift for moms to be and new moms. 


Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones to be mined in history. It holds an azure blue-green shade, hence the name Turquoise. It is the birthstone for December. It will be the ideal graduation present. This is because turquoise is a symbol of and brings in tranquillity, good luck, leadership and success. We suggest you check our Olivia Turquoise 14K Gold Earrings and Heather Turquoise Gold Ring selection.


Carnelian is an orange semi-precious stone. It is a form of the chalcedony mineral that falls under the quartz family. It comes in orange hues similar to that of the setting sun. Carnelian promotes motivation, creativity and heightens vitality. Its orange colour energy supplies positivity, brings happiness, motivates for success, and strengthens family and friendship relations. We love using it in our collection at VK as it links to VK women who are exuberant and bring the best out of everything. How about this beautiful Ellie x Olivia Carnelian 14K Gold Earrings for your special young lady 21st Birthday Jewellery gift? 


Rhodolite is an enticing rosy red variety of the garnet family. It is the birthstone for January and known as the Stone of Inspiration. It stimulates love, compassion and kindness. It will help with emotional healing and promote self-worth. Its subtler pinkish red colour is purely feminine and brings in the commitment and caring energy. VK’s women are feminine and committed with determination and compassion. This gorgeous Ava 14K Gold Bracelet centred by a beautiful rhodolite stone will make your mom, aunt, sister, or girlfriend smile. 


Perhaps the best choice for your daughter’s or friend’s 18th birthday gift? We say yes!

A birthstone for August and has a fresh apple green distinctive colour, peridot belongs to the olivine family and is commonly used as a ‘Study Stone’. Peridot drives in good health, delight and cheerfulness. Have a look at our Heather Peridot Ring.


Tourmaline leads the way in terms of largest colours available under it. It includes green, blue, red, pink, purple, yellow, brown and black. Its power lies in its ability to eliminate fear and heighten self-confidence. The different colours will then pursue to induce different energies, however all of them will share attracting inspiration, prosperity and tolerance and that is why we love using it in our jewellery pieces.

Lapis Lazuli/Blue Lapis

One of the most sought-after stones, lapis lazuli comes in an intense dark blue sometimes with golden dusting. It is a symbol of grace, humanity, honour and discretion. With its deep blue colour, it demands respect and helps in enhancing the act of charity and service to others within us. Having lapis lazuli in your jewellery will assist you in confidence, objectivity, clarity, and speaking one’s truth.  

All in all, we hope this guide of the different gemstones that we incorporate into our jewellery here at VK has been insightful and inspiring. At VK, we acknowledge that our beautiful earth is rich and abundant with treasures. We work to utilise, craft and beautify these gemstone treasures into our pieces of handmade jewellery to bring you nature’s best and the best of the best. 

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